In 1848 five women met for a tea party. They decided to call a convention to demand equal rights for women, including the right to vote. Three hundred gathered in the Wesleyan Chapel and read the Declaration of Sentiments. This was so outrageous that it became national news and began the women's rights movement.  

The National Park also includes the home of organizer Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and the Hunt home where they tea party was held, and the Mcclintock home where the Declaration of Sentiments was written, and a Visitor Center. 


About her idea that started it all, then  The early work,  then being the first superintendent of the Women's Rights National Historical Park 

judy hart is writing a memoir 

On January 21,2017 10,000 marched from Declaration Park in the National Park to the Presbyterian Church were the ERA was announced in 1920.  

Judy Hart launched the Park with her suggestion in 1978 that the Park Service needed a new park on the history of women. After finding the Seneca Falls site, she worked on the study, wrote the legislation and lobbied for it. When US Congress voted to authorize the Park, she was selected to be the first Superintendent.

Judy Hart is now writing a book to tell this story.